Sunshine Brothers Inc. talk new gigs and new music

UMass campus favorite Sunshine Brothers Inc. made a special appearance on WMUA to talk shop last Tuesday night. Hailing from East Longmeadow, Mass. and West Springfield, Mass. the band formed after its frontman Jake Weissman and drummer John DiSabito met in their freshman dorm.

On Tuesday, Jake and John talked about their musical influences, biggest guilty pleasure bands, and plans to release and tour new music. Jake hopes the band’s second release will be out at some point during the summer, since they will be playing shows across the Northeast from now until June. Last Thursday night, they played the Iron Horse in Northampton, Mass. following a set from the local band Snowhaus.

Thursday night’s show did not disappoint, and both bands drew a crowd large enough to completely pack the venue. If you’re new to the Pioneer Valley or its younger music scene, don’t be too quick to discredit these DIY acts. Plenty of big indie names draw much smaller, tamer crowds.

Listen to the full interview from WMUA below:

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